What Haeckels products our team are using

What Haeckels products our team are using

There is no Haeckels without a team. We have a team of nearly 75 across four different sites split across Margate and London. Nobody knows our products better than our retail teams, so we thought we’d ask them about their favourite products.



Marine Facial Cleanser – leaves my skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Love the smell. Gentle, so using morning and night.

Spiraglow EGF serum – Having normal but more mature skin that prefers lightweight products I found this to be the perfect hydration with a slight sheen after using, giving a clear and smooth complexion. I don’t generally use anything else as I find this to be hydrating enough for the day.

Reef Complex Skin Oil – I love this as it’s quite a dry oil but leaves a nice glow, I will only use this at night for extra hydration. Skin feels dewy and tactile after use.

Eco Hand Balm – I actually really like our hand balm as it’s fast absorbing and lightweight, I love the texture and smell.



The Spiraglow Cleansing Milk is a new favourite of mine, as it leaves my skin feeling smooth and super nourished. It also feels very luxurious and silky when applying it to my skin.

Marine Night Cream is a staple for me as it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, it dries down perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I love the Algae Plump Serum! You see fast results when first using it, which gives a glow to the skin. My skin always looks dewy and hydrated after using it.



The Bio + Energiser Conditioner is one of my greatest revelations! I get psoriasis on my scalp which is a pretty tricky place to treat. I could only find tar shampoo (not nice) or chemical shampoos and had resigned myself to never finding a natural solution that worked. But then tried Haeckels, and not only has it helped clear my psoriasis, it’s just made washing my hair a fun experience! The peppermint oil gives you this zingy feeling that is refreshing and soothing at the same time. They say mint is great for giving you clarity in your mind and making you feel clear-headed and ready for the day after using it.

I’ve always loved the effects the skincare products have had, but recently I’ve been really enjoying Haeckels body products too. The Bladderwrack + Buckthorn Body Wash and Bladderwrack + Pumpkin Moisturising Lotion not only look great in my bathroom, they also give my skin an incredible softness. We live in a hard water area, so it’s great to find products that can deal with that. But also, they just smell so good. The fragrance from the body wash fills the whole shower room, and one friend visiting said they felt like they’d been to a spa!

I teach yoga, so naturally, I’m a big incense fan. But often, I find incense sticks messy and the fragrance a bit too heavy or perfume. Haeckels incense cones come in unique fragrances linked with British folklore, which feels like they’re clearing the air. And they burn down so neatly. My favourite is Bog Myrtle because it’s such a warming scent on chilly days. If you’re not an incense fan yet, these may convert you!