Thoughtful gifting with Haeckels.

We were born on the beaches of Margate, clearing them of litter and plastic over ten years ago.
This festive season, our gift sets are wrapped in recycled paper adorned with a design developed from waste collected from Walpole Bay at one of our beach clean sessions. On the 19th of October, 2023, we collected 70 bags of rubbish from the beach and processed it for recycling.

This season, we are donating 10% of sales to our friends at Margate Independent Food Bank.

Bladderwrack Sink Set

A gift set containing our bestselling hand wash and moisturising lotion duo, formulated with our proprietary Bladderwrack Extract to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise.

Spiraglow Set

A gift set containing our Haeckels LAB Spiraglow range, a premium skincare suite designed with biofabricated, lab-grown and renewable ingredients.

4 Step Skincare Set

Introducing our 4 step skincare set – our symbiotic skincare suite together for the first time. Set includes: Marine Facial Cleanser, Algae Plump Serum, Eco Marine Cream and Earth Marine AHA Toner.

Spa Set

A gift set containing a collection of products used in our Haeckels House treatments, a premium set designed to enjoy the thalassopherapy treatments home.

Mini Wellness Set

Two of our seasonal bestsellers, designed with relaxation in mind.