Haeckels Innovation Subscription Box

Haeckels Innovation Subscription Box

For a long time, the subscription world has eluded us. Too often, it’s a way to get you to buy more of the things you think you need by offering a discount in advance. You have little control to cancel and little innovations brought to you.

But we understand that when done right, it can be a powerful tool – a tool to help inform, educate and surprise. With great excitement, we finally reveal our subscription platform, The Innovation Subscription. This new platform gives you monthly access to products delivered to your door that are not available through our regular channels (and of course, a few other bits as well).

Discover The Innovation Subscription Box

Everybody who knows us knows we have a collaborative arm of the business, and a global arm of the business, where we create at source versions of some of our bestselling products. These products focus on locally sourced ingredients, indigenous seaweed and innovation to create and pioneer new ways of doing international business.

It all began in Japan, where we make and formulate Japanese versions of our products in Hinase before we expanded to create localised products in the Indian Ocean.

We don’t publicly sell these products, until now.

But we make even more – we have home products built around waste, including a seasonal homeware collection, collaborative candles and more.

The idea for the Innovations Subscription lies here.

For a set monthly subscription, every month, we’ll deliver you a product, or selection of products, worth at least double the monthly fee. We’ll introduce you to new products, new ideas and not publicly available products every month.

What’s more, as part of this subscription, you’ll get 15% off every purchase both in-store and online and early access to events and other things within our ecosystem.

Discover The Innovation Subscription Box


So why are we doing this?

What you see and are able to buy on the website is a fraction of the products we make. We wanted to create a way to experience the secret products by inviting you into our labs. We also wanted to bring in a way for you to get the best of Haeckels and reward you for being part of our community.

We hope this subscription brings joy and fun into your life whilst showing you exciting products, amazing new scents and other new ways of doing business.

Discover The Innovation Subscription Box