Life is about balance. Good and bad. Your body is in balance too, whether it be your skin, or your gut microbiome. Getting that balance wrong can lead to breakouts, aches and pains. Introducing our Beetroot Probiotic and Seaweed Broth. Live probiotics and natural iodine for gut and skin support.

Our products are designed and manufactured by a team of nutritionists and skin experts together in Margate, and using our decade of experience working with seaweed, Hæckels Nutrition offers an holistic approach to skincare.

Our skincare has been designed to be a system, the Seaweed Broth, Beetroot Probiotic and Seaweed Tea products work symbolically with Haeckels Skincare as part of a healthy microbiome.

“My approach to nutrition is fundamentally about balance. I believe that moderation and variety are crucial for cultivating a sustainable and healthy relationship with food. Striking the right balance involves recognising that each nutrient contributes to the function of various bodily systems from our digestive system to our skin and other systems of the body. Therefore, an imbalance in any one of them can have repercussions on our well-being. Taking responsibility for our health by making mindful choices further enhances the effectiveness of this balanced approach.”

– Vanessa Jaich, Head Of Nutrition

Haeckels Seaweed Broth

A delicious seaweed broth packed with irish moss, dulse and a combination of super mushrooms including oyster, shiitake and hen of the woods designed to complement and amplify our lab skincare range. Seaweed Broth can be used as a daily ritual or as part of a rejuvenating one-day fast, weekly or monthly. Our Seaweed Broth is an integral part of our gut-health programme where we introduce a one-day broth fast designed to facilitate a reset of the digestive system, with the added benefit of supporting the gut/skin axis.

What people have said:
“I felt like I slept better, was less groggy throughout the day and my eczema/itchiness really calmed down. I’ll buy this in a heartbeat once it’s available to purchase online.”

Haeckels Probiotic Shot

Our signature broth from the Gut-Health Programme as featured in our Spa treatments is now available in 800mL recyclable pouches.

Packed with a combination of super mushrooms including oyster, shitake and hen of the woods mixed with Irish moss and dulse this delicious liquid supplement delivers iodine and potassium in every serving. This nutritious drink is served warm and can be used in combination with your daily Haeckels routine to support your skin from the inside out.

Made with locally grown ingredients from Margate, our team of chefs and nutritionists lovingly prepare your broth to order.

What people have said:
“Loved this! So so yummy and it made tons of difference to my digestion.”

How to Recycle our pouches

This pouch is made of monomaterial polypropylene (PP) and can be recycled with soft plastics at your local supermarket, or returned to one of our stores for recycling.

Haeckels Gut Health Programme

Our gut-health programme is a bespoke, transformational 3-week journey designed to
educate and guide people through four stages to prepare the body for detoxification,
revitalise the gut/skin axis and integrate what they’ve learnt to maintain
improved wellness and create long-term habits following the programme.

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our in-house Nutritional Therapist, Sally.