The uniqueness of the Haeckels Store

The uniqueness of the Haeckels Store

Our HQ in Margate, our store is one the most innovative retail spaces in the World, focussing on growing and delivering our supply chain to our community. As GQ asked, “is Haeckels shaping the future of sustainable retail?”

Atop the clifftop of Walpole Bay sits Haeckels House. Read on below to see what we’ve done with this space.


1. The Lab

We created our store to replicate our lab, where we make all of our products (which is less than 200m down the road). We wanted to present an authentic future of sustainability to a wide audience, drawing inspiration from science and nature.



2. Living moss floor

The Lab has a living moss floor. We wanted to create a space inside where the air was purer than outside. Moss helps to purify the air by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen. 

Moss absorbs and retains moisture, which can help regulate humidity levels in a room and keep the air moist, which can benefit people with respiratory problems.

Moss can help reduce static electricity in a room, benefiting people with allergies or sensitive skin.



3. Vertical farms

Vertical farms are indoor farming systems where plants are grown in vertically stacked layers or levels using artificial lighting, climate control, and other advanced technologies.

Vertical farms offer a sustainable and efficient way to grow fresh produce locally, using advanced technology and eco-friendly farming methods.

Vertical farms use up to 70% less water than traditional farming methods, as water is recycled and reused within the closed system.

Vertical farms can produce more crops per unit of land than traditional farming, allowing for more efficient use of space.

Now that all sounds great – but why have we done this? We’re growing elements of our supply chain in our growth towers. Some of the yields will end up in our nutritional efforts in our Houses, and others will end up in our seasonal homecare offering launching later this year.



4. Bio-reactors

We have aerobic bio-reactors in all of our stores that are cultivating spiraglow. Spiraglow is a brand new ingredient that is a hybrid of several algae that we have inside of our new Lab products.

Our hybrid systems allow for precise control of environmental conditions, such as light intensity, temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. This enables us to increase our yields of algae without the environmental impact.



5. Scent exploration zone

Our scents are harvested from specific coordinates around the Kent coastline. From these locations, we forage ingredients and bring them back to the labs before performing our extractions.

We’ve designed a space at the back of the store to explore these incredible parfums and candles under the eye of an ever-growing moss wall.


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6. Haeckels House

Of course, nothing would be complete without our Haeckels House concept – our award winning spa. Head upstairs to experience the power of thalassotherapy with facials and massages composed of the sea. 

Explore seaweed wraps and baths, have algae plump oxygen-infused facials or unwind with a signature 90 minute massage. The reviews and awards speak for themselves – this space is very special.


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