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Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty Scheme

Without you we are nothing

We try to create circular enconomies, customer care and loyalty it’s not about making people spend more, its about valuing your ideas and structuring our company in a new different way that exploits the positive impacts of what manufacturing can stand for.

Our best example is our ‘rubbish for product’ program, collect a bag of beach rubbish bring it to the shop prove to us its from the beach  and we’ll give you a free product, later when you return the bottle you get a refill discount.

We are on a huge journey and want to share that enlightenment as we discover new formulas as well as branching out into the area of beach side education, we believe there is no singular genius only scenius collective intelligence throughout a harmonious community.

always always ask us.

Local Residents Discounts
Since we opened we’ve offered a discount to our local residents, without their support we wouldn’t be open at all. We firmly believe that creating jobs locally and an economy that is sustainable is important to our community.

If you’re a Thanet resident and live within these boundaries we’ll always give you a 15% discount in store. Sometimes we may ask for a proof of address in store for this. We thank you for your continued support of Haeckels.

Refill Discount
Reducing our impact on the environment is a huge focus for Haeckels. This is why we offer a 15% discount for anyone returning their glass bottles used in our packaging both in store and online.
All you need to do is return the packaging to store or post it to us with your contact details and we will ensure you get a 15% discount on your replacement product.
This applies to all of our glassware except fragrance due to the fact the crimping method used on perfume preventing us refiling the glass.


Rubbish For Product / Local
We reward everyone who helps us keep our coastline clean and clear of litter. If you take part in cleaning up the beach, fill a bag of litter and can prove it came from the beach and not just from the bins round the corner, we’ll reward you our Facial Cleanser, Exfoliant Powder or Beard Oil free of charge.

This is limited to one product per person.

Rubbish For Product / Worldwide
Carrying out our beach clean incentive locally wasn’t enough for us. We’ve worked hard to provide something that is easy to take part in that everyone can benefit from wherever you are in the world. So, in three very simple steps.

  • Clean a beach.
  • Take a photo.
  • Post it on Instagram and tag @haeckels and use the hashtag #HaeckelsBeachClean


We’ll send you a 40% discount code that can be used on your next purchase of full price product found on Haeckels.co.uk.