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You can’t address skin concerns without first looking at your gut health and addressing the microbiome /

The gut-skin axis refers to the connection between the digestive system and the skin. This is communicated through the microbiome, meaning the condition of our skin is often reflecting the health of our gut.

The Haeckels gut-health programme is a transformative experience where you will learn how to improve your health from the inside-out. The gut is at the centre of our overall wellness. We designed this programme to be challenging, educational and progressive in order to restore your gut/skin axis and create long-lasting habits.

Our nutritionists will guide you through a personalised one-to-one course that will help you understand the individual complexities of your microbiome, and you will work on a four-stage programme to prepare, repair, rebuild and integrate. Included will be an individual approach to covering your skin, your diet, lifestyle and habits. Using the benefits of seaweed in our four in-depth protocols with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, lifestyle tips, what to eat for your individual needs and much more.

Includes seaweed broth + beetroot probiotic + seaweed tea

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Who is the 15-minute consultation for?

Everyone! We would love to get to know you a little better and discover if we could help you reach your health goals. 

Why should I have the 15-minute consultation before signing-up to the gut-health programme?

You will get to chat with one of our expert nutritionists over Zoom (we’ll send you the link beforehand), or we will call your mobile if that suits you better. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions, find out more and discover how our gut-health programme would benefit you. We also work out the best dates and times that suit your schedule.

What is the gut-health programme?

This gut-health programme is a transformational 4-stage process to improve your overall wellness through supporting your gut microbiome. We have intentionally designed the programme to educate and provide tools that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life to create realistic, long-term habits. This programme is completely holistic, centred around balance, nutritional education and how to nourish the body to improve your health for good.

How do the gut-health programme consultations work?

All of our gut-programme consultations are held over Zoom or in-person in Margate. You will be meeting with one of our expert nutritionists over 3-weeks who will be guiding you through the programme. These consultations last for 1 hour to allow for deep exploration and to provide a completely bespoke experience. The overall cost of the gut-programme will cover all three of your 1-to-1 consultations.

Can I signup to the gut-health programme if I live outside of the UK?

Absolutely! Our consultations are held over Zoom, meaning we can guide you through the programme wherever you are. We will send out a gut-pack that includes a seaweed broth recipe + dried seaweeds + dried mushrooms + beetroot pre-biotic + seaweed tea.

Will the gut-health programme benefit my skin health?

The gut is at the centre of overall health, and the core foundation of each of our body systems; the gut is known as the second brain, 70% of the immune system is located there, and the gut-skin axis refers to the connection and communication between the digestive system and the skin. This is predominantly achieved through the microbiome, meaning the condition of our skin is often reflecting our gut health.

How is our gut-health programme different?

There’s a purpose behind each aspect of the programme. It involves a repair phase with a four-day liquid cleanse using our seaweed broth, seaweed tea and carefully designed soup and smoothie recipes. Why is this integral to the programme? Because fasting allows our gut to repair and regenerate whilst detoxifying. It gives your digestive system a break.

Is this gut-health programme individualised?

We are all unique with individual needs. We ensure a bespoke, personalised experience throughout the programme. When looking to improve your health, we believe that this programme is the place to start. It has been intentionally designed to be accessible to everyone; a clear introductory education that is easy to follow, covering everything from how the digestive system works to the importance of sleep.

What benefits can I expect to gain from the gut-health programme?

Improved gut health. Clear, radiant, healthy skin. Increased energy levels. Reduced stress. Stronger immunity.  An uplifted mood. Improved sleep. A better understanding of nutrition and the human body. An abundance of tools and resources to keep for life.