Tableware For UNDER Restaurant

Tableware For UNDER Restaurant

Norwegian design studio Ment has created handcrafted tableware for Snohetta’s underwater restaurant in Norway using sand and minerals taken from the surrounding coast.

Sisters Ingvild and Sidsel Forr Hemma, who make up Ment studio, worked with Unders head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard for the past year to design, research and test a set of tableware for the restaurant’s 18-course menu.

Labelled as the “world’s largest underwater restaurant”, Under was completed last month. Snohetta designed the monolithic structure to plunge into the sea from a rocky shoreline in the remote village of Båly Norway.

Together, the Forr Hemma sisters designed and manufactured approximately 500 items by hand in their studio in Fåberg, using 17 unique designs with variations in size, material and colour.

“The focus on nature and the underwater-concept was important in this project, and the inspiration comes from the seashore beside Under,” says Ingvild.

“The concepts for the products have been developed in relation to Snøhetta’s fantastic overall concept that they have developed for Under.”

For the colour palette, the sisters took inspiration from the seaweed, sand and coastal rocks found in the area around the restaurant, focusing on using Norwegian minerals to give each piece its distinct hue.

“The Norwegian coast has very unique colours and species found only in this area because of the cold climate,” Ingvild continued. “Soft tones of brown, grey and green and beautiful textures are elements we wanted to adopt in our design for Under – choosing materials that give the collection a raw and natural feel.”


Photography by Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge