Reimagined Flax

Reimagined Flax

French designer Pauline Esparon creates unique objects from raw materials, such as flax. As a craftsperson she creates new techniques that reimagine materials such as oil, wood, berries, leaves and roots. These are then turned into products such as perfumes, tables and rugs.

She describes her work as an intuitive process, based on where she finds herself and the environment. Many of the materials that she acquires come from waste, often leftover from another process. Or materials which are natural, but are not widely used, highlighting their qualities.

Flax is a highly sustainable natural material that is used to make linen, but still 80% of grown flax has to be exported to China to be processed, even if it is produced in Europe. While in China it is combed, spun and weaved before it is sent back as linen. The transportation of the material counteracts the sustainable growth of the finer and can impact the economy of the local culture.

Esparon works directly with the scutched and short fibres of flax. Her processes and pieces showcase new aspects and properties of the material. Often these techniques can be replicated within local cultures as they utilise traditional and standard weaving processes. 


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Stéphane Ruchaud

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