Reasons you’ll love our fragrances

Reasons you’ll love our fragrances

Transcendent Scents:

We believe Haeckels Fragrances are something to behold – harvested from specific locations around the Kent coastline and bottled from a moment in time, these scents belong to sit amongst the best in the industry. Our bestselling fragrance is Pegwell, a heady mix of sweet fennel and juniper that elevates any experience.

Reculver, like a tidal wave of neroli, cedar and oud coming over you, stands as a rallying call to the wild nature of the ocean. And Dreamland, taken from the amusement park in Margate, has a smokey, rosey leather hit to last you throughout your day.

Our scents are all Parfum, which is the highest classification of potency. Our oils make up 30% of the formula, so they last all day. We’re proud of this. We’ve also driven our prices down to £140 for the full-size 100ml parfum. These parfum are the type that will linger long on your skin and clothes, acting as a hit of nostalgia whenever you smell them.


New Design:

By turning the GPS code into bold numerical graphics, we elevate the product and allow for exploration without forcing a narrative to the user. This allows our customers to connect personally with the scent rather than the location.

Elevated Materials:

We’re introducing the same sandblasted glass from our home range to our fragrances. Crafted in Margate, these are then adorned with the GPS location we harvested the scent from and for the first time, the name of the fragrance.

For years, we’ve had customers come into our stores unable to recollect the name of the fragrance from the coordinate – no more.

Taking design cues from our new London store, we’re introducing a brand new brushed aluminium lid to our fragrances. These lids are made less than three miles down the road, greatly reducing our scope three carbon emissions.

Smaller Packaging:

By pioneering new materials, we have had to make concessions to the size of our products and, thus the carbon emissions associated with shipping these. Well, no more.

We’ve cut down the size of our Parfum packaging by 21% whilst maintaining the same 100ml product.

We’ve cut down the size of our Candle sizing by 8% whilst keeping the same burn time and introducing new packaging innovations.

A more sustainable solution:

As with the rest of Haeckels 2.0, we wanted to focus on bringing updated materials and innovations to our fragrance category – namely, focussing on miles travelled for components and the size of the packaging used.

We have reduced our kg CO2e emissions by 25% in candles and 49% in Parfum.



Miniature Parfums:

After too long away, our mini parfums are back. Housed in our signature sandblasted glass with a new bespoke aluminium lid, we’ve listened more than ever and doubled the volumes whilst making the product more durable than ever.

It also means creating a superior product with no detail overlooked. The weight of these is akin to a premium pen, with a satisfying click when the lid is removed.


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Pegwell Bay

“That” scent – A cult favourite, Pegwell is our bestselling fragrance. A bold and transformative scent, the fragrance will take you on a journey before lingering throughout.

A vibrant dance of texture and composure, Pegwell is that encompassing friend you feel you’ve known forever but only just met.

FENNEL. BIRCH. JUNIPER. VETIVER. MUSK. A peppery, aniseed top blows the senses away before settling into a spicy, mellow base designed to last all day (and all night).


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Botany Bay

Inspired by Botany Bay; sea grasses, chalk and sea blite were collected on 1st August 2014 (cloudy day).

Reminiscent of rain on chalk reef, a fresh and clear fragrance of ozone, jasmine and amber.

OZONE. MARINE. JASMINE. MUSK. AMBER. A light and sensuous parfum for all genders and all times.


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