From Ocean to Table

From Ocean to Table

Chloé Rosetta Bell is a designer with a focus on craftsmanship. Her work, which is generally made from ceramics, looks at the relationship between people and the landscapes that they work and live in. Her current collections focus on the dishes of two Michelin star restaurants; The Kitchen Table, in Marylebone and Sosban & The Old Butchers, on the Isle of Anglesey. 

The glazes for the ceramic pieces for each restaurant were made from the by-products of the food they create, and were found in the supplier’s landscape. The glazes were developed from waste oyster and mussel shells. But Bell also amplified the sensory experience of the food by carefully designing the pieces for specific dishes. 

The form of the footed oyster bowl designed for Kitchen Table lifts and opens to reveal the oyster dish. While the tea vase has a wide belly for handling and passing between guests. The glaze for this restaurant is created from the waste oyster shells of one of their food suppliers, Porthilly Oyster Farm. 

The collection for Sosban & The Old Butchers in Anglesey is focused on the atmospheric and intimate dining experience there. The bowls are designed to reveal a surprise in each piece of tableware, whilst keeping to soft and warm forms. Mussel shells were collected from Halen Mon, sea salt makers on Anglesey who supply Sosban. These mussel shells purify their salt and seaweed from their local bay. These materials were developed into glazes for the collection. The lidded dish has a mussel shell glaze and has been created to contain smoking reindeer moss. 


The metal bowl set has a seaweed ash glaze. This particular piece was made in conjunction with artist Emmie Hubbard who specialises in prehistoric bronze casting.


Images by Chloé Rosetta Bell