The dirt on our edible cup

The dirt on our edible cup

You’ve probably heard (and seen) nothing crazier for a skincare company to launch – an edible cup.

A friend approached us a number of years ago about working together to fix the waste problem at festivals. Approximately one hundred million single-use plastic cups are used yearly at festivals worldwide. Most paper cups are not actually recyclable due to a spray-on plastic lining to hold the drink within the paper.

So we got thinking, and over the course of three years the idea snowballed through various different versions to land on something far greater than anything we’d done – an in-house designed and manufactured postbiotic edible cup made from a seaweed based material that we’d developed ourselves. 


Read on below.


We wanted it to tackle the waste problem.

Our material fully composts within seven days. It’s made of seaweed, making it an excellent fertiliser for soil if it doesn’t get eaten. Seaweed also can help aid soil health.

To function as a cup, it needed to be able to hold liquids for over 48 hours and not lose its structure – which it does. The material itself holds liquid from its production process, meaning it has non-permeable walls.



We wanted it to do the body good.

We designed the cup as a postbiotic to aid in gut health, as the material has properties that enable it to be infused with ingredients. This was important as the body is stressed at festivals and events. We used ingredients such as spirulina, blueberries and ginger to aid digestion, promote collagen synthesis and help energy and mood. 

It was our first commercially available supplement. Of course, for those following us closely, you will know that gut health is intricately linked to our future.



And finally, we wanted it to look good.

The entire manufacturing process was designed in-house. Our team of scientists, designers and engineers helped to create a process where we shifted from a skincare manufacturer to a cup manufacturer almost overnight. We created our own shapes, moulds and techniques, making this a truly Haeckels concept from start to finish.

Material innovations are the beating heart of our lab and future work. We believe in innovating through the confines of our walls, developing our materials and ways of manufacturing things. There is much more to come from this groundbreaking material.