Biometric Mirror

Biometric Mirror

Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist, filmmaker, inventor and body architect. Her work speculates on the future of human existence by exploring the limits of the body, beauty, biotechnology and the self.

What if Artificial Intelligence gets it wrong?

Biometric Mirror questions the accuracy and assumptions of facial recognition algorithms. Enter a futuristic sci fi beauty salon and let an AI scan your biometric data and reveal a mathematically ‘perfect’ version of your own face. But whose version of perfection is it really? 

Biometric Mirror is an immersive installation that blends the act of casually glancing at one’s reflection with modern algorithmic perspectives on facial perfection. The artwork explores the accuracy and flaws of artificial intelligence and the ‘uncanny valley’ of algorithmic perfection and its potential black mirror outcomes.

As part of Science Gallery Melbourne’s PERFECTION exhibition program, this public experiment will leave you questioning our future.  This intriguing collaboration is with scientists from the Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces.

“Creating platforms to discuss the cultural implications of emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence means that we can expose any assumptions in a public space.”

Science Gallery’s PERFECTION trailer explores the ritualisation of artificial intelligence via a ceremony performed by digital shamans on a test subject. This experiment looks at the uncontrollable imperfections that occur when working with the human body in contrast with the controlled and programmable systems of artificial intelligence. How do we reassess and imagine new algorithmic paradigms that encompass imperfection, accident and messiness?


Director / Producer – Lucy McRae
Cinematographer – Shaun Dougherty
Photographer / Co-Producer – Jesse Marlow