4 ways to improve your winter skin

4 ways to improve your winter skin

Let’s face it, in winter, our skin invariably gets (or feels like it does) worse. Those pesky breakouts, fine lines, dry skin and congestion return with a vengeance as your skin battles to find balance.

Normal skin pH is slightly acidic, around the 4.7 to 5.5 mark. This acidity helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, which protects it from harmful bacteria and environmental factors. When the skin’s pH becomes imbalanced, it can lead to skin dryness, irritation, and other skin issues.

In winter, our skin is exposed to cold and dry air that strips it of its natural moisture. This can be amplified by indoor heating and low humidity levels, causing the skin to become dry and flaky.

Combined with less sunshine and, let’s face it, a worse diet (thank you, comfort eating), we teeter on the edge of a skin meltdown.


Below, we’ve worked on four ways to help your skin find balance in unbalanced environments.

1. Skin starts from within – drink plenty of fluids and maintain a balanced diet high in protein, vegetables and natural fats. If you’d like guidance on this, we run a gut health programme at Haeckels House specifically designed to help maintain a healthy microbiome.

2. Set up a morning and evening skincare regime that is tailored to your specific skincare needs and base this all-around skin hydration. A solid cleanser, hyaluronic acid, an oil-based moisturiser, and a good skin oil will be your best friends in the winter. You can read below for our top routines for baking together.

3. Steamers and humidifiers will make a big difference to your skin – you can start small and pick one of these up from a local store. Or, if you’re looking for something more long-term, you can experiment with bespoke facials built around your skin concerns.

4. Cover up – sounds stupid, but protecting skin from the extremities with scarves, hats and gloves will help to make a physical shield from the harsher elements.






Our routines are built around skin balance. The perfect place to start is using our Spiraglow collection. These products are built around a new proprietary ingredient we have created in-house that provides unrivalled skin hydration levels. 

This collection is certified as kind to biome, meaning they do not disrupt the microbiome and effectively promote the proliferation of healthy bacteria on the face.

Spiraglow is food for good bacteria. Designed from biofabricated lab-grown renewable ingredients, this probiotic ferment hydrates and calms the skin, promoting a healthy microbiome.

We’ve designed a four-step routine, focussing on a milky cleanser, hydrating toner, EGF serum and our eco marine cream. 

This will change your skin – you’ve been warned.

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We’ve designed a range of facials to calm and restore the skin in both our houses – using the latest technology and, of course, with its roots firmly in seaweed. 

These facials have been enormously well received – we love them and know you will too.

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Looking after your microbiome starts with looking after your gut, so much so, we’ve designed a gut health programme to help amplify the effectiveness of our products. This gut health programme is a one-to-one reset with our trained in-house nutritionists to help identify your problem areas – visible or invisible.

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