Restoring Balance and Learning from Biological Systems

Restoring Balance and Learning from Biological Systems

Understanding Interconnected Systems: Climate Change, Biological Processes, and Ecosystems

In our current environmental landscape, it’s crucial to recognize the intricate relationships between climate change and ecosystems, as these systems do not operate in isolation but profoundly impact both people and the planet.


Regenerative Design: Restoring Balance

The concept of regenerative design emphasizes the urgent need to restore and replenish what human activities have severely disrupted.

In the short documentary film Kokoly, produced by Blue Ventures and supported by the Skoll Foundation and the Sundance Institute, we gain insight through Madame Kokoly’s words, and those of other women in her community, into the heavy toll that overfishing and habitat destruction have taken on the Vezo people, experiencing the reality of their daily struggle for survival.

Hence, the importance of applying regenerative design practices that transcend human-centric approaches; it embraces a multi-species perspective, fostering cohabitation between humans and non-humans in harmony with the Earth’s rhythms and systems.

Learning from Biological Systems

Envision a future enriched by intricate knowledge of soil biological structures, where living organisms such as bacteria, plants, and soil animals form an ecosystem that regulates nutrient exchange to ensure their collective survival. This future relies on collaboration rather than competition, with human and planetary health intertwined in a unified balanced system. Design becomes an expression of care, viewed through the lens of living systems thinking and driven by empathy.

An exemplary project illustrating this ethos is the Pollinator Pathmaker, developed by artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. Its an artwork for pollinators, planted and cared for by humans. Ginsberg asked: what would a garden look like if it were designed from a pollinator’s perspective, rather than our own? In response, she pioneered an algorithmic tool that consistently generates the most empathetic planting designs.