We Want Your Rubbish //

We Want Your Rubbish //

We want your rubbish /

We never stop creating. We are driven by the constant need to better ourselves. We only make products if they solve a problem. We constantly iterate and refine. It’s what we’ve always done at Haeckels, and what we will continue to do. Whilst driving the business forward, we’re hesitant at every step of the way. Weighed down by the bigger picture, we’re constantly aware that as we grow we’re at risk of creating the very problems we set out to solve. Problems which we couldn’t even conceive of 5 years ago.

We need a reason to exist. We have plenty in Margate, but as we set our collective visions further afield we need to contribute to every door we open. We’re about to open our first store outside of Margate. We thought long and hard about what gave us that reason to open. And then we found it. Christmas Trees.

Every year around the World, Christmas trees are thrown to the streets in January after their brief stint inside. It’s a huge waste and a big problem. But a problem that is not too big for us. We want to upcycle your Christmas Tree into a candle.

If you live near in Hackney or in Margate, we would love you to drop your trees off at either our new London Store in January or at our Lab in Margate. If you’re in Hackney, we’ll even come around to collect your tree. This is an experiment for us; we want to create a zero-waste product using ‘waste products’.

Creating a zero waste product means not ordering in the raw materials to make the candles in advance until we have all the trees. What we’ll be asking for is payment upfront so we can do this. That means we can buy exactly the right quantity of materials to ensure we have no leftovers. Our candles are a thing of beauty and arrive within our bio-contributing packaging that can grow into wildflowers after use. The candles themselves are housed in unbranded glasses that can be used for hot beverages after – we deliberately choose to leave them unbranded so they can take on another life after they burn.

This will be a true test for us – a new way of producing and a new way of thinking. By thinking nimbly and finding solutions to problems on a micro-scale, we hope to begin to tackle macro problems by adopting this new way of thinking.

You can click here to pre-order what we are calling ‘Your Tree’ – our first product designed from waste products, in packaging that contributes to the biosphere. 

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing you can always email info@haeckels.co.uk – we love hearing from you!