Subscription Box 015

Hi there,

Welcome to Box 015. Our latest box celebrates two highly requested products we’ve been waiting to share for years. Many of our products have come to fruition thanks to requests or suggestions from our community; ideas for new products, pleas to bring back products we no longer offer, and feedback on how to improve our current offering. These suggestions often help inform what we experiment on behind the scenes, and occasionally they result in a new product that hits our shelves.

Over the years, two requests have easily outnumbered the others: refills for our hand and body collection, and a skincare product with SPF. We’re thrilled to share both of these with you finally.

Bladderwrack + Buckthorn Body Wash Refill


Both products in this month’s box reflect values that drive us forward. When it comes to the lifecycle of our packaging, we don’t believe that the responsibility passes to the customer once the products enter your home. We are constantly assessing our packaging and challenging ourselves to utilise or create new materials as we learn. You can read about some of these past experiments in our journal, here.

As we experimented with refill pouches made of various compostable materials in our lab, the demand for refills grew. We hadn’t developed a refill system of our own yet, so we partnered with On Repeat to offer compostable pouches delivered through your letter box. Since launching these refills we have decreased the number of glass bottles and pumps shipped from our headquarters each week. We consider this a pilot program, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to innovate and develop new materials and question how we can lessen the impact of our packaging on the environment.

As the refill pouch is compostable, please decant the body wash into a bottle within 5 days of receipt. If you don’t have a glass Haeckels bottle available, you can use any container 450mL or greater. You can learn more about the product and the packaging on our website, here.

Seaweed Solar Protect SPF 50+

The second product in this month’s box reflects our commitment to innovative and effective formulas. Our Seaweed Solar Protect SPF50+ is the result of years of research and development. As SPF is one of our most-requested products ever, we asked ourselves how we could best develop an SPF that is inclusive of skin tones, takes into account research regarding the effect of UV filters on our bodies and our environment, and is an easy-to-use formula that can be incorporated into various skincare routines. We came to the conclusion that there was no single solution that ticked every box, and so set our sights on developing a science-backed SPF that works for all of us. We couldn’t be more proud of the final product and we can’t wait to hear how you get on with it.

Thank you all for being a part of the community that encourages us to innovate.

 Until next time,

Team Haeckels