002 / Starting Again /

002 / Starting Again /

We always say that doing things differently is baked right into our DNA. For every yes there are a thousand no’s. And the ‘pill’ body cleanser has been no different.

The cosmetics industry is one of the most wasteful in the world; not only from single-use plastic consumption but also pressuring people to buy more and more. We love to look at our products every year and think “how can we make this better?”.

Our glass bottles are heavy and contain a lot of seaweed broth. Shipping these halfway around the World creates a lot of carbon. Whilst all our product are now shipped carbon neutrally, we needed to go one better.

So we thought – “what if we could condense our products into pill form?”

Our global expansion means we’re shipping more and more products from Margate. Which is great in a way, and terrifying in another. So we’ve been working hard at condensing our bestselling body cleanser into a pill – you add 3 pills into a dispenser, add boiling water, and hey presto it grows into our body cleanser.

Of course, we could never just invent a pill. It was always going to be so much more. Over 1000 of you have signed up to picture of a glass jar with some pills inside. It was never going to be that, we just wanted to to see if our customers were interested in that.

So it’s taken a little longer, as with everything we do we tear up the proceeding rule book.

The pill body cleanser will go up for pre-order (of course, it won’t actually be called that) – but it will be so much more. We’ve chosen to do a pre-order so we can make precisely the right number. You’ll find out why that’s so important when you see what we’ve been creating, and why we need a little more time. Think ceramic…

We can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. If you haven’t signed up to the waitlist, we would highly recommend doing so. But just be warned, it will look like nothing like the image on the waitlist page. It’s going to be entirely different.

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