Our game-changing products; products we truly believe change and challenge the status quo. Whether that’s grown to order skincare, pill format body cleanser or hybrid algae and hyaluronic acid serums, these products define us. With many more to come.

Grown To Order Gift Sets

Introducing our Christmas Gift Sets – but there’s a catch. These are grown to order. Once your order is placed, we manufacture the products and grow the mycelium packaging. This process will take 2-3 weeks, and will have a guaranteed delivery date before the 21st of December.

Let’s have a conscious Christmas.


Our marine extracts are proven to maintain a healthy scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair; formulated to be combined choose a shampoo + nourishing oil and combine to create bespoke treatments.


Scent is an adventure : our natural parfums + candles are designed to invite you to explore their location.
No divisive labels or aroma chemicals just natural GPS defined aromatics to allow you the luxury of your own olfactory experience.


Shaving is a daily ritual for many, and it requires the right equipment to protect the skin from damage. We’ve worked with one of the worlds best razor manufacturers to develop our shaving offer.