• water free
  • alcohol free
  • oil free
  • silicone free
  • nut free
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • cruelty free

Body Cleanser Concentrate – 1 Year Supply

A sustainable alternative to standard cleaners, Haeckels natural concentrates activated by water. 100% natural. 100% waterless. Register your interest below.



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About Our Body Cleanser

The main ingredient in many body + hand + hair cleansers is 70% – 90% water. You’re paying for water, and companies are essentially transporting water all over the globe. Water is heavy. The energy needed to ship vast quantities combined with the magnitude of packaging is hurting our planet. With the wastefulness of regular cosmetics, our planet is in crisis.


We’ve concentrated and powdered our seaweed body wash ingredients inside vegetable glycerin capsules.


When mixed with water at home, the product fuses with the water to make a natural foaming body cleanser.


Containing a rich, awakening blend of mint, basil oil and a truly unique blend of 100% natural vegetable-derived surfactants and emulsifiers, the capsule cleanser works to remove dirt and ensure that skin feels silky soft, smooth and clean.


Enriched with antiseptic properties, the capsule cleanser also delivers a very noticeable hydrated sensation to the skin, preparing the body for the day ahead.

How To Use

Add 300ml of hot water to 3 pills and shake. The product will grow in consistency for around 15 minutes before its ready for use. Continue to shake after an hour for a consistent texture. Pour a generous amount onto hands or an exfoliating mitt and rub into skin with circular motions to make a rich lather before rinsing thoroughly.


100% Natural powders
Fucus Vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) Extract, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Extract, Melissa Essential Oil Melissa Officinalis (Balm Mint) Leaf Oil

Further ingredient breakdown available via email.

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