Richborough / GPS 19’ 51”E Candle


Picked on 6th August / Rainy Day  –  270ml


One of our most intrinsically English fragrances and locations, inspired by a single secluded lane. The scent of Poppies, Spearmint, Bindweed and Wild Parsley blow and bind in the wind to meet Elderflower, Apple and Grass.


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Approx 40 Hours Of Burn Time

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About Richborough

A winding country path in Richborough, overlooked by a single apple tree and a large bush of Elder, leads up to the crumbling walls and grasses ditches of an old Roman fort. The scent of this secluded lane is blown up by the wind from the rolling farm land beyond; the scent of poppies, spearmint, bindweed and wild parsley is met with elderflower, apple and grass to create one of our most intrinsically English fragrances and locations.

How To Use A Haeckels Candle

For the first time that you burn your Haeckels candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, or until the whole top is liquid with wax. This allows for an even burn the next time it is used.

Scent Experience

Top: cold green and peppery
Heart: citrus, warm and herbal
Base: fresh, light and woody

Also available as a perfume.

Packaging Science


Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms (fungi) and is usually found underground where its tiny white threads weave together. Within our packaging, these threads intertwine with agricultural waste such as sawdust, flax and hemp husks and are left to grow around a mould for a period of time. Once the whole mould has turned white it means that the Mycelium has fully encompassed the form and is acting like glue. It is then removed from the mould and left to grow for an additional short period of time, so it takes on the lovely velvety texture. Once it has been dried, the final product is lightweight, yet fire and impact resistant. After being used for its intended purpose, it can be reused, composted or planted in your garden to improve soil quality.


Seed Paper:

Our seed paper is made from recycled paper pulp mixed with wild flower seeds. When feeling green-fingered, place the paper on top of a pot of compost and water well. Make sure the paper has access to light and warmth and keep the soil moist. Once the seedlings have grown big enough, you can transfer them to your garden for the birds and bees to enjoy!

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