• water free
  • alcohol free
  • oil free
  • silicone free
  • nut free
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • cruelty free

Photo Algae Mattify


A brand new facial serum designed to instantly mattify the skin and reduce sebum in the long term. This lightweight, silky gel will leave you ‘photo ready’ with a matte skin finish.


How To Use

Apply a few drops to face in the morning after the application of creams. We have designed this to work after Algae Plump + B3 and our Eco Marine Cream. It works perfectly as a primer before makeup after all creams have been applied or as the finishing serum to your daily routine.

Why we make it

This is a special one for us. It utilises our kelp bioferment and a new extract for a range of effects.


We’ve designed this for people with mixed to oily skin. We centred it around 4 principles:


  • Immediate mattification
  • Long term sebum regulation
  • Long term reduction of dilated pores
  • No water level reduction in the skin


A single application of Photo Algae Mattify is sufficient to absorb excess sebum on the surface of the skin throughout the morning, which is when the skin produces the most sebum.


By reducing the release of pro-inflammatory mediator TNFa, which is directly involved in activation of lipogenesis in sebocytes, Photo Algae Mattify controls the production of sebum.


Preventing the build-up of sebum in the pores stops them from dilating. Therefore daily use of Photo Algae Mattify may be a long term treatment for dilated pores.


Put this on your skin as the final layer – it even works well as a primer before makeup application.

The Science

We start with our Kelp Bioferment as the base. Our Kelp Bioferment is rich in fucoidan, carrageenan and algin, it also provides minerals like iodine, copper, molybdate, magnesium, and others required as cofactors in enzymatic reactions of lipid metabolism and energy conversion. This base is the key for detoxification, skin elasticity and to help stimulate the skin to heal.
We then add our brand new active that’s designed to regulate sebum and instantly mattify the skin. This active comes from a marine ExoPolySaccharide, produced by a micro-organism in Aber Benoit, France.


Lactobacillus / Kelp Filtrate, Fucoxanthin Sorbic acid, salicylic acid, benzyl alcohol, glycerin, Xanthan polysaccharide.


Test Data

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