The Growing Pavilion 

The Growing Pavilion 

To celebrate biomaterials set designer and artist Pascal Leboucq has collaborated with Erik Klarenbeek’s Krown Design, to create an events space for Dutch Design Week constructed from mycelium. 

Panels were made grown from mycelium to demonstrate the miracle materials qualities, and attached to a timber frame. They are very light, and are well-insulated in terms of temperature and sound. The panels are also covered with a bio-based coating. By using panels the pavilion can also be taken down and moved. It also makes it much easier to repair or replace each panel individually.

All of the materials used to make the pavilion, and the work inside, are grown. The floors are made from cattail, with interior and exterior benches made from agricultural waste.

The pavilion showcases bio-based products inside, made by different designers. One of the projects shown is the furniture collection by Martijn Straatman, where all of the pieces are made from horse manure. Aniela Hoitink also shows her clothing collection made from biomaterials such as mycelium, kombucha and algae.

There has also been a number of events held in the space to try and engage people with the materials. Each day there is a live concert of music by JS Bach. Then after each performance the sound is merged to build a soundscape that is played in the pavilion. Another aspect of performance was the harvesting of mushrooms everyday at 3pm. These were then cooked and the food could be purchased.

Images by Eric Meander and Oscar Vinck