Developing New Products At Haeckels

Developing New Products At Haeckels

For the last two years we have been working on improving our product range, expanding our offering and listening to the great feedback you give us. This has taken longer than we imagined but we’re very excited to say that in the next two weeks you will begin to see new Haeckels products arrive in store and online.

It would be very easy for us to knock out a load of product quickly, you can buy product off the shelf and re-label it very but the integrity of what we do is important, as is quality and creating an approach to packaging that limits the impact on our environment.


One of our biggest challenges was that we had too many ideas. We wanted to create everything and that simply isn’t possible in a business of our scale. So, we’ll be releasing new products consistently over the next 12 months. This will include toners, anti pollution treatments, face and hair oils and many, many more.

We’ve developed a really simple way of focusing on what we were doing and why we’re doing it.

What are we trying to fix?

We could make hundreds of products, but we want to focus on things that work and make a difference. For example, with our seaweed soap block we wanted to create a natural alternative to soap bars and one that one was specifically vegan.

In our new product range we’re focused on skin care and the challenges our skin faces in todays environment. From pollution experienced in the city and dryness caused by longer hours in air conditioned offices and workspaces.

How can we do this using natural ingredients?

We want to ensure all of our products are created using natural ingredients, and importantly formulations that actually do something. Natural doesn’t always mean effective, it only becomes a great product when we put effort into sourcing high quality and reformulating until it is perfect.

We’ve spent a lot of time reading and researching. This includes going back to text books that are 50 years old and also the latest developments in areas such as bio plastics being shared online by our partners and peers.

How do we package this product?

Packaging should have as little impact on the environment as possible, the elements need to be recyclable and where possible biodegradable. This shouldn’t result in ugly jars and packets though, we pride ourselves on a very specific aesthetic. If we’re lucky enough to be in your home we should helping you make it look great too.

For some our new products we’ve listened to your feedback and we will now be printing on the bottles rather than laser etching. This will make it easier to read the ingredients and instructions on how to use. We’ll also be using our new logo and some great new innovation using mycelium.

How much do we sell it for?

Pricing a product is hard, we make nearly everything by hand and use local crafts people wherever possible to create our packaging too. However, we want Haeckels Skincare to be accessible to more people. The next new product to arrive will be priced at £22, followed by oils which will retail at a similar price.

Recycle your bottle with us and get a 15% discount, and if you’re lucky enough to live locally to our shop in Margate you get another 15% off.

How do we make it, in Margate?

We started here in Margate, and as we type this we’re sat in our Making Space which is bathed in coastal light and salty air. We’re committed to making and sourcing as much as possible in Margate. It isn’t always possible but we’ve been able to invest in new machinery in house, a new lab space for testing and making product and we’re improving our shipping time rapidly.

Our signature seaweed extracts feature in many of the new products along with kelp, rose hip and broccoli.

Keep an eye on for the new products.