Point Cloud Island

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This project explores new forms of storytelling through virtual and augmented reality.  It raises questions about limits and thresholds we encounter while travelling through place and time.
Sited in Kielder forest, on a research trip organised with ScanLab, the short film is entirely formed from point cloud information. In this new reality we find key elements that make up a synthetic collective memory of the wider area of Kielder Water; old roads which have been swallowed by the man-made lake, landmark trees merging with the mathematical grid of the plantation and the banks of Kielder Water are all repositioned. The film explores the materiality, rhythm, atmosphere and personal perception of the surround area.
On the acoustic level, actual recordings where documented to unveil the thresholds between the cluster of landscape spaces and augment a sensory experience of this new place.

LOCATION | Kielder forest, UK

PROGRAMME | Research/Film/Installation


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