Human Body Design | Alice Potts

In the future our bodies will be able to secrete their own fashion. Once a fiction, now on the borders of reality. Alice Potts is a multidisciplinary fashion designer, specialising in materials research of nature and the human body, focussing on biomaterials and their applications within the fashion industry. – to create a new, sustainable alternative future.

With a background in maths, science and fashion, she is looking at ways they all can be combined in the work she produces. With collaborations with people from all backgrounds, ‘I believe in bringing people together to discover something new.’

“Perspire is a collection dedicated to the creative wonder of human the body and the secretion of sweat. For me fashion has always had a key opportunity to create a more sustainable future because its the closet thing we wear to our bodies without us realizing, becoming our second skin. Personally believing that our bodies are our greatest technologies i looked at how we could us secretion to form second skins as well as natural health indicators. I created a process in where i collected varies athletes sweat that allowed me to extract the natural minerals and grow into crystal like structures. Using objects already worn by the athletes allowed the sweat to grow from inside each garment where there sweat was already embedded. Each one is completely unique to the person basing its growth on lifestyle, diet and overall health of that individual. My work looks to encourage people into the world of multidisciplinary combining science, art and design to create new ways of thinking. As well as trying to reengage people back into reality showing them just how amazing our bodies are. Stripping away labels that have started to divide us and showing that no matter our wealth, gender or race we all sweat and we are all unique.”

My main current project looks at how to use sweat to create our own accessories. Created a process over two years that I studied at the Royal College of Art to create a visual representation of the unseen beauty of how much people perspire.

‘Each year I transform everything into my work. What I have learnt from the people around me, environment and myself. Perspire is not just about sweat but the symbol too, the people who pushed them selves, learnt about there bodies, stripping the negative image of sweat. Our bodies are our greatest technologies and learning about them is our biggest achievements.’