Industrial Craft

Industrial Craft

As Haeckels expands into new parts of our building we’ll showcase emerging talent who have developed innovative new materials. We are making Haeckels House a place to experience not only skin treatments, massage, nutritional consultation and meditation but also a place to learn new ways to remove plastic entirely from our eco system.

Showcased here is the work of material designer Charlotte Kidger / Utilising and repurposing industrial material waste streams as secondary raw material.

Industrial Craft is a material based project focused around utilising plastic waste streams associated with CNC fabrication. As a by-product after the milling process the lightweight polyurethane foam dust is left in abundant volumes. Given that this material is still regarded as a niche plastic, it’s only means of disposal is through incineration or landfill. With a clear design opportunity I set out to find ways of utilising and repurposing this undervalued and problematic material.

Material & Process /

Through material exploration I have resulted in a durable and versatile composite material that has the capabilities to be cast in diverse 3D forms of various scales. The composite material consisting of waste polyurethane foam dust and resin to act as a binder provides an extremely durable material that prolongs the life and places value in what was previously so easily discarded.

Driven by a strong curiosity in materiality to discover new processes and material composites, unwanted and valueless materials are transformed into useful medium and desirable outcomes addressing issues of waste and the excessive production of our society.

Through a series of vessels and sculptural tables the materials properties are highlighted as well as creating an alluring curiosity behind the materials origin. Through an applied and pragmatic approach, hands-on making allowed me to gain an immediate understanding of the material. I was able to push the boundaries of the material to reveal alluring qualities.

Colour & Form /

The beauty of the process involved with working with this composite material means each outcome is unique and bespoke. For example, although I can use the same mould to cast multiples of the same form, each will come out slightly different due to the curing process during casting. These often-unexpected reveals can create interesting defects that add new layers to the materials qualities; I believe this adds value to the objects I create by blurring a boundary between craft and industrial manufacturing.

Sustainable Approach/Material Innovation

With a zero-waste process in the making of my ‘sculptural objects’ and with strong focus on the durability, I aim to have created an alluring yet functional use to the material. Industrial craft is as much about exploiting the possibility of material answers as it is about asking questions. I believe the material and objects to represent both elements of sustainability and innovation, through working with an abundant source of waste material sourced from the creativity of other designers, I hope to have found an innovative solution to utilising this waste stream.