The hydro hotel / Built in 1902 in Cliftonville avenue Margate, a part of local wellbeing history.

Treating everything from obesity to heart conditions, the treatments available ranged from electric baths, steam, seaweed, bright lamp treatments, colonic irrigation and Russian vapour baths.

Medical baths

In many conditions of ill-health physical treatment is now acknowledged to be one of the most effective of all curative measures and the margate corporation, pursuing their far-seeing policy of bringing their facilities into line with modern requirements, have provided an institute of bath and physical treatment which comprises Turkish, Russian and Vichy Bath, Foam Baths, Medicated baths of various kinds including seaweed, and finally all the various kinds of electrical treatment which are prescribed by medical profession. 

The building has been constructed with a view to giving the maximum of comfort and convenience to patients or bathers. The dressing room adjoin the treatment rooms, and there is ample accommodation for resting after treatment, in cubicles for either one or two persons. Light refreshments are obtainable at all times.

Patients suffering from High Arterial Tension, Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago, Arthritis, Neuritis, Nervous Breakdown, some cases of Blood Pressure, Digestive Disorders, Bronchial Catarrh, Asthma, Cardio-Vascular conditions, Colitis, Obesity and numbers other ailments, can rest assured that the best skill and attention of a highly-qualified staff is at their disposal. The fees for all treatments are moderate and compare most favourably with the charges imposed at well-known spas at home and abroad.

The Turkish and Russian Bath rooms have been most carefully planned and constructed. The slabs, walls, flooring and stairs are all built of marble, and special attention has been paid to the system of ventilation whereby a constant current of pure, warm, fresh air is maintained. The suite includes hot rooms (three at different temperatures) shampooing rooms, and massage and shower rooms.

Russian Vapour Bath / This bath is taken in a room filled with steam. It is usually used by bathers for a few minutes before entering the hot rooms, or before having Vichy Massage Douche. The room is impregnated with Pine Oil which gives relief to those suffering from Bronchial and chest trouble. Images scanned from original booklet by Frank Leppard