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Packaging Up Haeckels

Packaging Up Haeckels

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We’ve always been keen to package our product in a way that reduces any impact on the environment. It’s not always easy, we don’t have the big R&D budgets our competitors have but with some sheer determination we make progress.

Our view is that it is our responsibility to reduce the waste consumers receive rather than put the pressure on a customer to recycle. If we start there, it will ensure less unnecessary packaging and pollutants.

All of our products arrive in your hands in packaging that has been considered and thought through. We also think your products should look beautiful and well designed if they are to become part of your home or daily rituals. You’ll see some of the packaging change in the coming months as some of our innovative work goes into production and we make constant improvements.

We thought today would be a good opportunity to share some of the work our team have been doing.

Algae Bottle Seal

If you purchase our Exfoliant or Facial Masque you’ll notice a plastic like seal around the top of the bottle, except it isn’t plastic. This is actually created from algae, it remains in water here at Haeckels Making Space until we are ready to seal the products. It’s applied to the bottles and as it dehydrates it creates a natural seal around the bottle which is hygienic and removes the need for any plastics.

Ari Jonsson is doing some amazing work in this space (see image above) and you can read more about it here.

Our Candles Become Drinking Glasses

Our GPS candles are really popular but we wanted to reduce the amount of glass needing to be recycled. We developed our candle glass so that it can be cleaned after the candle has been burnt and reused as vessel for hot or cold drinks due to the fact the glass is insulated. Perfect when used with our seaweed tea.



Hands down this is the most exciting packaging work we are doing right now. Mycelium (pictured above) is a living breathing product which we can grow and turn into the packaging you find in our store.

To further our commitment as a company, to you the customer and also our planet this week we begun experiments with growing our own packaging from an environmentally friendly material that performs like plastics but is infact made by mushrooms. This specifically comes from their webs of thread-like roots, known as mycelium, which consume crop waste. These materials can be grown and recycled, they readily decompose and by adding seaweed can actually contribute to soil quality as opposed to being discarded for landline and no breakdown time.

We’ll continue to work on this exciting opportunity and turn something that is currently used in packaging internally into a beautiful exterior packaging concept.

In Store Packaging

Recycle / Refil Discount

As you may know we encourage our customers to refill the bottles that our product comes delivered in. Therefore we offer a 15% discount for anyone wishing to refill their product in our shop or online. We apply this offer to all of our glass product except our fragrances currently. More information can be found on

We’ll continue to innovate and create alternatives to the options available today and if you find something exciting that we could be using please get in touch.