Introducing Haeckels Editions / Thalassophile

Introducing Haeckels Editions / Thalassophile

All of us here at Haeckels are Thalassophiles. We love the ocean, we’re pulled towards it like a magnet and love the properties it brings to our home town of Margate.

We’ve always wanted to create ‘Ocean in a can’ just like the famous ‘Canadian Air’ or Icelandic Mountain Air however it is only now that we’ve managed it. During some work with our lab to create new skin care products we discovered that one of the by-products created was a distillate and with some additional work this has become the ocean, but in a bottle.

This is a real scent. No hints of roses or a suggestion of grandness, this is pure ocean distillate and the aroma of the sea distilled from locally harvested bladderwrack. The original coastal scent. This is the same scent people have experienced on our coastline for thousands of years. Nothing added. Pure.

“This scent is actually generated through a bacteria producing gas called Dimethyl Sulfide, or DMS, in places where plankton and marine plants are breaking down.

It’s an unusual vegetable like experience but instantly recognisable, you can now carry the ocean in your pocket. Every day, wherever you are”


Dom Bridges, Founder Of Haeckels


This product will be a limited product and currently available only in our Margate store.