From Waste to Taste: Edible solutions for repurposing fabric waste

From Waste to Taste: Edible solutions for repurposing fabric waste

FabriCandy is a visionary initiative aiming to tackle the often overlooked issue of fabric waste in a delicious innovative manner.

According to Jinghan Li, an interdisciplinary designer with a professional background in biochemistry and molecular biology, the fashion industry generates 13 million tons of fabric waste annually, with a significant 15% lost during pre-production processes. While much attention is given to the disposal of used clothing, there exists a hidden mountain of waste generated during manufacturing – tons of scraps that typically go unnoticed.

FabriCandy proposes a new perspective on how these fabric scraps can be repurposed into something more than just landfill waste. Jinghan challenges the conventional norms of waste disposal and consumption habits by turning textile waste into edible treats!

With the help of bacterial enzymes, FabriCandy aims to break down plant-based fibres like cotton and linen into sugary glucose. This innovative process converts textile waste into a valuable energy source, potentially revolutionising how we perceive both clothing and food.

FabriCandy envisions a future where what we wear can also become what we eat, where every discarded textile finds new life as delightful candies instead of ending up in landfills.

It challenges us to reconsider our relationship with waste and food consumption, exploring new possibilities where waste can transform into a treat for both the body and the planet.