Entre Redes

Entre Redes

Is it possible to merge craftsmanship and design to help preserve the traditions of a small fishing village? How can collaboration empower a group of women dedicated to securing the future of their craft?

‘Entre Redes’ takes place in A Guarda, a quaint fishing village in Galicia, Spain, near the Portuguese coast. Historically, the local economy has thrived thanks to the collaborative efforts of the women in this community.

The redeiras are traditional women net makers from Galicia, a craft currently at risk of extinction. To pass on their profession to future generations, they must innovate and diversify their work while preserving the essence and identity of their tradition.

‘Entre Redes’ aims to integrate a collective of women net makers into the product design process, blending their unique artisanal techniques with innovative design possibilities. The objective is to revalue the art of netmaking and promote collaborative work among women.

The Volanta lighting collection is handmade by the redeiras using recovered fishing nets from the sea. These nets are knotted around individual metal structures, which are then joined together using traditional fishing processes, tools, and techniques. Inspired by old maritime objects, the triangular-shaped lamp aims to create a geometric and contemporary aesthetic.

Amalia Puga, a designer with a passion for storytelling, plays a pivotal role in the ‘Entre Redes’ project. Inspired by her Galician roots and traditions, she creates projects that implement local collaborative solutions, empowering small communities with rich cultures and histories.



Amalia Puga