Craftsmanship of the Sea

Craftsmanship of the Sea

Aurore Piette is a designer that harnesses the process of the sea to create beautiful objects through craft techniques, and by co-working with natural elements. Piette questions how this new autarkic way of production, inspired by nature, could redefine the notion of making in a post-industrial area.

Marecreo is Piette’s local and sustainable response to craftsmanship. By co-working with the sea, it proposes to use sedimentary materials made by natural phenomena. The natural timeline of the tides and winds dictate the process, as well as the final forms created.

Handcrafted roped molds are put into the sea at low tides, allowing sediment to fill them and create the form. Once they are collected and released they are then allowed to dry. Once dried the forms are placed in an ancestral kiln to fire. The firing process reveals the different natural sediment materials as they react with the heat. This results in unique colour shades and patterns dictated by the chemical nature of the materials.

Her other work, such as the Autarky Collection, also explores materials such those discarded from her local area.

Images by:
Aurore Piette