At the beginning of 2017 pollution levels in London were worse than in Beijing.

The air in the Chinese capital is notoriously contaminated, but during this January readings from the Air Quality Index showed particulate matter was concentrated at 197 micro-grams per cubic metre in London, and 190 in Beijing.

During the early 1800 pollution levels in London were at their worst and became the catalyst for people looking outside of the capital for treatment for pollution related skin and respiratory illnesses. Our home town Margate built the first ever sea bathing hospital, a coastal institution for curing pollution related illnesses. Some treatments offered were as rudimentary as placing the patients hospital bed on an open air veranda so that the fresh sea air could be inhaled giving relief from pulmonary tuberculosis.

The sea itself produces 85% of the oxygen we breath it’s vital to our survival but in central London we are currently 40 miles from the nearest coast so how can we create cleaner air for ourselves and our families?

Within the confines of cities we spend much of our time inside – an average of ninety percent – so it’s essential that we start first by learning how to purify and maintain healthy air in our homes and workspaces. Our biodome resident at ACE hotel during London Craft week houses many natural ways of cleansing and generating fresh air the presence of which is actively cultivating cleaner air during its residency. You can compare the difference in air quality by observing our exterior pollution reading and the biodome interior reading.

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