Haeckels Beach Clean Goes Global

Since 2012 we’ve been encouraging our friends, neighbours, colleagues and the public to take part in beach cleans around Margate. To encourage this we’ve been running a loyalty program that enabled those cleaning our beaches to be rewarded with free product from our skin care range.

We have been blown away by the response and the endless bags of plastic waste that we see removed from our coastline. It also makes us incredibly proud to see how the level of rubbish left behind is reducing every year.

This is all wonderful, but still we were frustrated that this couldn’t be available to people who buy from us around the UK and the rest of the world.

We’ve scratched our heads for a long time to work out a solution that rewards people fairly for doing good. From this week if you take part in cleaning a beach anywhere in the world we’ll provide a discount of 40% on your next purchase*. This can be done in three easy steps.

  • Clean A Beach
  • Take a photo and post it on Instagram.
  • Tag @haeckels and use the hashtag #HaeckelsBeachClean

We’ll send you a discount code that can be spent on Haeckels.co.uk.

We aren’t jumping on a bandwagon, creating PR or reacting to a TV show in doing this. We’re a coastal based skin care company, it is our duty.

From our store and office we can see the rubbish being washed up or left behind. We continue to promote this initiative because the environment and the natural resources it provides is incredibly important for our community.


So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest beach with a bag, safely collect some of the waste left behind or washed up by the sea and enjoy our natural products with a 40% discount.