Alpine Resilience

Alpine Resilience

Homage Mountain 

In the world of alpine plants and their remarkable survival strategies, Jehnna Yang explores the intersection of nature’s resilience and human innovation in her pursuit of sustainable solutions. Her performance technical apparel project arises from a curiosity sparked by the intricate adaptations of plants in harsh mountain environments, combined with a deep admiration for the dedication of wildlife filmmakers.

Jehnna designed her eco-friendly alpine gear specifically with wildlife filmmakers in mind, in appreciation of their dedication and relentless efforts to respectfully observe and document wildlife in mountainous regions. Her inspiration for the project comes from the Himalayan snowball plant with its delicate yet robust fur-like hairs providing waterproofing, insulation, and antibacterial qualities. Inspired by these natural defences, Jehnna envisioned a fabric infused with organic compounds derived from alpine flora, designed to endure extreme weather conditions without the use of harmful chemicals typical in performance gear. This vision aims not only to create a material but also to weave a narrative celebrating and preserving nature.

Encouraged by the diversity and utility of alpine plants, this durable gear features cushion-like shapes mirroring natural forms, offering UV protection, thermal insulation, and water repellency while fostering a profound connection with the environments filmmakers aim to protect.

At Haeckels, we advocate for responsible resilience practices that balance human needs with those of the natural world. We seek to inspire a shift towards materials that sustain and regenerate rather than deplete our precious ecosystems.