Perfumers Note Pad

A unique way to sample our Eau De Parfum range.

Traditionally a notebook of a perfumer would be a most prized and coveted possession; everything that would be written within was secret, formulas for new perfumes, names of oils and plants that were found to have fragrant properties and drawings of these plants and ingredients. To look into a perfumers notebook would be an exploration into a sensory journey and mindset and therefore an extremely personal experience. It would be not only a notebook but an insight into the knowledge behind a fragrance. A intricately laser etched A6 Moleskin notebook, etched with drawings of interlacing seaweed; a truly beautiful object as well as a functioning high quality notebook. Each notebook comes with the first page printed with information about the Haeckels process of creating our GPS eau de parfum. Flip to the back to find a 5ml vial of your chosen parfum from our 8 GPS fragrances as well as a scent card with information about that location. Please specify which perfume you would like out of the 8 fragrances on the perfume page in the Order Notes space at checkout. If left blank we’ll choose one at random for you to try.

£45.00 - 210 x 130mm


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