“I am constantly inspired by nature and the beauty it bestows, I am also really inspired by love.”

Hard to believe but naked bathing was popular in Margate so much so an enhancement to the Bathing machine was design in 1750 by Benjamin Beale, a Margate glove and breeches maker, he produced a canvas hood which could be pulled down to protect the naked sea-bather from prying eyes.
Naked bathing continued until 1862, when a Byelaw was passed stating that male and female bathers were to be segregated by not less than 60 feet, and that all owners of bathing machines would provide gowns or dresses to female bathers and drawers or similar to male bathers.

The photo work of Toyber is the purest example of embracing the ocean and harks back to our Margate heritage. “Sacred is a project I started a year ago in Hawaii. The idea came to me instantly when my friend took me to my first tide pool. We had to hike down lava rock to get to one, it wasn’t easy, but when we finally arrived the beauty of the water took my breath away! Tide pools are often fresh water pools surrounded by the ocean.” The series is intimate, tranquil and pays homage to the mythical link that woman have with with the ocean.

Salt water heals all wounds