As we approach the opening of the London store now more than ever I feel the support of Margate’s community. In some shape or form the entire town is working with us and supporting us and that makes me smile every time I get out of bed!
Tom swift is painting the back of the shop, the sea bathing team are working away, and we now have Ian and bridget local ceramics legends making our first AROMAPHONE, a unique way of sampling our scents and also soon to become our first automated room diffuser.
A bizarre concept born out of a truly organic design process for me it stands as a testament the same way the sea bathing machine does that anything is possible in this town if you work as a team.
Margate is truly alive with some of the best designers,makers,builders,musicians and artists anywhere in the Uk this represents the side of the town that you can’t see sometimes, but behind closed doors many people are creating unique businesses all helping each other to get along, theres a thriving industrious attitude here that represents Margates historical attitude of ‘get on and do it’ yes the town is changing rapidly but its leading the country with its community lead attitude and showcasing the best of british ingenuity.
To everyone who has supported Haeckels to date a happy easter and BIG thankyou you are all legends to me X