New York-based artist Kim Keever creates abstract underwater art worlds with paint. Using just a fish tank, the former NASA engineer-turned-artist drops various colors of paint into the water, which create epic otherworldly environments. Keever’s artworks has been exhibited in numerous collections across the States, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

‘The wires and vertical shapes remind me of a repeating dream. It begins while standing outside admiring a glowing sunset. Upon raising my arms, I casually fly along a few hundred feet above the ground. The experience is exhilarating but eventually telephone poles and wires appear and make my route more and more difficult to navigate.The Abstract series is my latest body of work. Though they still have some resemblance to the Landscape work, paint patterns and color are the main issues as they form random shapes swirling through the water among the wires and plaster cones.’

all images courtesy of Kim Keever