BE play live at St Marys Church Nottingham

On 16th and 17th December 2016, BE will play their critically acclaimed album ONE plus preview new material recorded with the Nottingham honey bees and St. Mary’s Church Choir. The sounds and vibrations from over 40,000 honey bees will be live streamed into St. Mary’s Church from a local beehive in Brackenhurst, Nottinghamshire. The renowned St. Mary’s Choir will be accompanying BE throughout the whole performance. A state of the art 3D surround sound system has been commissioned for these performances, visual imagery from The Hive project will be projected onto the musicians and the church.

We have created an installation which will illuminate the performance and fill the space with the smell and essence of the church gardens. A unique formulation capturing the fragrance of the church’s garden fused with the scent of a natural honey extract. The fragrance will be released into the church via industrial digital nebulisers creating a unique perfumed sensory experience.

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