The Appalachian mountains, situated above an ancient deep sea in West Virginia is inspiring the 7th generation of a salt making family to rejuvenate the old family business. Back when the business started around 200 years back, the produce known as ‘the great Kanawha salt’

After the manufacturing of the salt came to a halt in the late 19th century, chemical developers entered the area, and used the salt found in the local brine to run the chemical processing plants. Therefore the coal and chemical companies dominates production in the area for the last 100 years.

Compared to usual locations where salt is found (large lakes, the sea, e.c.t) this location wasn’t necessarily a good first choice, but the family wanted to create something organic and pure to help re lift the spirits of local businesses and provide a product that could help others and help rebuild what once was, a century ago. The salt that they make is now produced and shipped to countless culinary business’s, both local and long distance.